Sunday, September 25, 2022

Dollar Tree Autumn Wreath

 Here is the Autumn wreath I recently made with Dollar Tree supplies

It's very easy to make.  Here are the supplies needed and simple instructions.

  • 14" wire wreath frame
  • Decorative Mesh 6" x 5 yards - 3 rolls of each color.  I used 4 colors in this wreath but have also made it with 3 colors.   The colors in this wreath are Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green.
  • One Roll of wire edge ribbon. 2" x 9 yards.  This will make 12 -  9" strips.
  • 12" pipe cleaners cut in half.
Cut mesh in 8" lengths.  THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE CUT PERFECTLY!

Cut the ribbon in 9" lengths and banner cut each end. (Fold the ribbon in half, cut a diagonal from the fold to the edge of the ribbon)

Make sprigs:  Roll mesh loosely into a roll.  They are practically already rolled after you cut them.
Grab one roll of each color and criss cross, then tie them with a pipe cleaner.  Twist it tightly 2 times, leaving enough pipe cleaner to tie it on to the wire wreath.

Ribbon:  In making sprigs, as instructed above, layer the ribbon on top and then tie the entire bundle with the pipe cleaner.  You can make 12 springs with ribbon.

Attach each sprig to the wreath by tying the pipe cleaner on to the 2nd ring from the center
There are six sections in the wire frame.  I tied 9 sprigs in each section.  2 of the 9 sprigs had the ribbon attached to it.

When done, tuck the pipe cleaner ends into the wreath so they are not poking out the back.  The will protect the wall or door when the wreath is hung up.  


Let me know if you have questions by leaving me a comment in my FB GROUP.

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