Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fast Fuse 5 Day Sale

Starting today, when you buy ONE Fast Fuse Adhesive, you’ll get TWO Fast Fuse Adhesive refills for FREE! This deal will only be around until February 12 (while supplies last), so take this opportunity to stock up, save.


Click on Pic below to Buy your Fast Fuse with 2 Free Refills
Fast Fuse Adhesive
Order Deadlines
  • Phone: February 12, 2018, by 6:50 PM (MT)
  • OEX/Online: February 12, 2018, by 11:50 PM (MT)

Promotion Dates: February 8–12, 2018 (NA Only)
  • To receive your free refills, add Fast Fuse Adhesive to your order (item 129026); the two Fast Fuse Adhesive Refills will be added to your order automatically. Once they’ve been added, the price listed for the two refills will show $0.00.
  • This promotion will not apply when ordered as part of a Starter Kit or with Stampin’ Rewards.
  • This promotion is while supplies last only.
  • Based on our forecasts, we have over-purchased to try to ensure we have enough Fast Fuse Adhesive in stock to support high demand during this promotion. However,
    • Due to challenges sourcing this product, we have a large—but finite—amount of Fast Fuse Adhesive we are able to sell.
    • We will turn the promotion off if our Fast Fuse Adhesive supply reaches a predetermined threshold. The sale has been set up this way, so we are able to continue supporting you and your customers through the life of the 2017–2018 annual catalog.

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